Must Have Features of Energy Efficient Homes

It’s not anything new to hear that our environment is struggling to keep up with the pollution and emissions that humans produce. Global warming has already started to impact plants, animals, and the future of our planet. Having an energy-efficient home is a great way to lower your carbon footprint. If everyone does their part to be more eco-friendly, that will add up to one major impact! Being energy efficient in your home is something you and your bank account will feel good about. Energy-efficient homes see lower monthly energy bills, so it really is a win-win situation for you and the environment! 

Insulation in the Walls, Attic, and Floor

Insulation helps your home maintain a comfortable temperature regardless of what temperature it is outside. Insulation has changed a lot over the years and it’s more effective now than ever before! A fully insulated home should have insulation in the attic, in all exterior walls, and under your flooring. The more insulated your home is, the less exterior temperatures will affect the internal temperature of the home. 

Updated HVAC System 

With proper insulation, your HVAC system will be running less frequently and for shorter periods of time, but it still impacts your carbon footprint. Outdated HVAC systems are proven to waste more than 35% of the energy they create when trying to heat and cool your home! Any HVAC system that was installed before 1992 is considered outdated. The newer the system, the more energy-efficient it will be. 

Upgraded Light Bulbs 

Making the switch to the LED lightbulbs is one of the quickest, easiest, and cheapest ways you can create a more energy-efficient home. They use less electricity than traditional light bulbs and last for a shockingly long time. That means that once you’ve upgraded the light bulbs in your home, you won’t have to worry about changing them for years to come. Your monthly electric bills will decrease too! 

Modern Appliances 

Modern appliances are energy efficient, saving you money and lowering your carbon footprint. Refrigerators, washers, dryers, and dishwashers are among the most common appliances that waste energy if they’re outdated. Look for appliances with an Energy Star label to create a more efficient home. They may cost a little more in the beginning, but they last for years and help lower your monthly expenses too. 

If you’d like to learn more about turning your home into an energy-efficient space, contact Vision Builders today to schedule a consultation! Our team can help design and install custom energy-efficient features that work for your home, budget, and your future plans. If you’re not sure where to start, we can evaluate your current space to identify areas that can be upgraded for improved efficiency! 

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