New Build vs. Renovation

It can be a huge dilemma for homeowners to decide whether to renovate their current space or start the construction afresh. Understandably, you think about everything associated with tearing down your existing home for a new one. There are cases where the best option is to build a new house. This implies you need to consider the situations surrounding your existing home and your desired building.

So what are the deciding factors in choosing between the options?

5 Factors To Consider Before Building Or Renovating

Categorize your Wants

Your desire comes first when contemplating which is best for you. The question to ask is, does my existing home have the features I want in a building? If yes, renovating the house to enhance the space is ideal. If otherwise, you might need to consider reconstruction such that you include your must-haves in the building plans.

The Foundation and Structure

This exercise requires the experts’ assessment. It is necessary to evaluate your home to determine if the foundation is in good condition. Examining the structure will also tell if a renovation is the best option or not. However, if the foundation and structure are unfavorable, opting for a new building will be the best option. If there are non-conforming setbacks, you can proceed with the renovation.


Building a new home isn’t a child’s play. It requires a lot of expenses, including demolition fees. That doesn’t make it a bad option because renovating from another perspective can be demanding than building a new home. If you have a tight budget, you should renovate. But in situations where the renovation cost is huge and close to the estimates for a new building, you can decide to build your desired home from scratch.

Old or Unattractive Building

Many buildings have been in existence for several years, making them look obsolete. The majority of the ancient buildings do not have the functionalities of the latest home designs. This is a great consideration for demolishing the current house for a structure in vogue. If you feel the old apartment isn’t far off from your desire, you can opt for renovation to bring your dream home to reality.

The Location

It is important to critically examine the home location. It allows you to determine whether renovation is ideal or building from the ground. If the house doesn’t match the standard in a particular location, raising the standard by building something new would be ideal. A building location determines if it is worthwhile to renovate or opt for complete overhauling.


It is easy to identify what you need to have your dream home built with the factors above. Irrespective of the choice you make, we can build you a new home or build an addition. We are professional builders with extensive knowledge of renovation and new construction. Contact Vision Builders today

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