Popular Home Addition Options

Home additions are usually profitable that can significantly increase your home’s value. Therefore, when considering selling your home, they are a must-have. The list of home additions is never-ending. There is always the question, “what more can I add to my house.” Of course, considering a few things before choosing your home additions can benefit you greatly.

Facts to Consider

  • Always know why you want an addition to your home. It helps you realize the potential benefits and assess if the decision is going to be a burden or not.
  • Assess your financial leverage. Do you have insurance? Are there any unexpected costs? What is the final cost of a home addition project?
  • Rules and regulations of the local authority around your residency
  • Inconvenience to others (your neighbors) due to your addition

These factors will keep your decision on-track with your current capacities for renovations and additions.

List of a Few Home Additions

Room over a Garage

Do you have a garage attached to your house? Great! You can add a room over your garage without creating a messy look at your property. Although, it is vital to remember that the costs of this addition are relatively higher than any normal room additions. Wondering why? Because there need to be fireproof and vapor barrier walls. Again wondering why? Well, there’s a garage below!

Bump-Out Additions

Bump-out additions can range heavily from walk-in closets to a first-story window nook. All you need to know is that they normally do not require a new foundation. Therefore, they are a relatively cheaper home addition option, yet, highly popular among homeowners.

Turn Your Garage

Do you have an unused or unwanted garage? Excellent! This home addition is for you. You can consider turning your garage into a lovely room such as an indoor sports dorm or a family get-together area (compact movie theater, family studio, etc.). Moreover, you can always choose to turn your unwanted garage into a guest room!

Porch Sunroom

Turn the front of your house into a lovely sunroom. Gather around a set of chairs in front of a long table for family gossips or an amazing family dinner.

Enlarge the Back Patio

You can install sitting furniture or fixtures in your back patio (this also applies to the front porch of your house or your front walkway!). This can increase the square footage of your house and let you reap the benefits of a good re-sale house value.


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