Spring Home Addition Trends

When planning home additions, you might stress out about construction, costs, time of completion, disruption in daily life, etc. To relieve your burdens, spring home addition trends are the easiest ways to improve the way your house looks.

In fact, when you consider a home addition, keep in mind the added benefits your house and family can take advantage of. Starting off with space, a home addition usually enables an increase in functional square footage of your house (e.g., patio, deck, porch, room, or another floor). It’s the perfect solution to avoid moving to a new home when your family grows bigger.

Moreover, your home value and savings go up, and you cut down on family stress (feeling congested), which makes life better. Therefore, let’s not waste any time and get onto a few spring home addition trends of 2021.

Spring Home Addition Trends

What’s in a mailbox?

To start off with an affordable yet minimalist solution, you can recreate your lawn with the addition of just a single mailbox. Yes, bold and attractive colors on your mailbox between lush grass and flower bushes will increase your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Remember, the walkway leading up to your home plays a major role in making the first impression, especially for new neighborhoods. This spring, let’s spring into action!

Kitchen for Spring

Thinking about renewing your kitchen by making an addition may seem costly and time-consuming, but why not focus on making little changes first? Did you know that simply changing the drawer handles can give your kitchen’s look some new visual appeal?

Well, it is never too late! Therefore, start choosing the most vibrant, flamboyant, bold, and mesmerizing colors to suit your interior house décor, starting off with the kitchen. Add a tasteful feature to improve the way your kitchen appliances look, especially the cabinets and drawers. Replace traditional hook handles with new recessed ones.

Colors are Fun in Spring

This spring, give your house bold and fresh colors. Add neutrals along with light, bold colors such as sea-green, yellow, and maybe, a slight hint of light blue. Add colorful accents throughout the house by making changes like matching the rugs to the ceiling.

Skylights for Spring

Have you ever sat in front of a skylight or wondered how one looked? Springtime is great for that! Try adding a skylight to your attic or above ground-level floors to improve their aesthetics. More importantly, let in some fresh and natural sunlight to boost your mood. 


Remember, to add such beautiful and mesmerizing spring additions; you must opt for the most reliable and successive home improvement and renovating company.

Let our experts know your ideas and personal sense of style, and we will ensure that your spring home addition ideas become a reality. Contact Vision Builders today to learn more.


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