Two-Story Additions

At first, when you moved into your home it was likely the perfect size for you and your family. But as the years go on, families grow, and needs change. You don’t want to have to uproot your family and move, a two-story addition can be the best solution. Adding a level to your home allows you to have a completely customizable space. Keep reading for more information on our building services and how our team at Vision Builders can help you.

Two Story Addition Options

With a two-story addition, the freedom of design is all yours. You’ve got space upwards that isn’t impeded by your yard or neighboring properties. Two-story additions offer a number of advantages. They provide an excellent option for creating an additional living space. With a multi-room, multi-story addition, you can add an in-law apartment for family members or rent it out eventually.

Two-story additions give you the ultimate flexibility to create a space all your own. Each aspect is designed by you with the help of our trusted team. Contact us today to learn more.

Benefits of Two-Story Additions

  • Allows you to expand the height of ceilings on existing floors
  • Adding more square footage without sacrificing your patio or another part of your outdoor area
  • Boost the value of home and its curb appeal at the same time

For two story home additions in Sudbury and the rest of Eastern Massachusetts, our team can make your dream home a reality. Our focus is on sustianable and beautiful home additions and builds. 

Vision Builders creative and skilled designers and builders can have the job done well and efficiently. Contact us today