Which Countertop Material Should I Choose for My Custom Home?

So you’re designing your custom home and you want everything to be perfect, just as you’ve envisioned. You aim for an aesthetic appeal that is breathtaking and you pay attention to every detail. From the bathroom to the basement, every aspect of designing your custom home must fit within your goal. This is why, your choice in countertops is a big priority, and opting for the right material is important in the process to meet your aesthetic appeal and desire. Which countertop should you choose for your custom home? Here’s a look at several options for you to consider. 


For the longest while, granite countertops have been a popular choice for a homeowner in semi-custom and custom homes, thanks to their wide availability and characteristics. It’s durable and can stand the test of time better than most alternatives and is resistant to heat, scratches, and stains. Granite is a top option when it comes to sanitary countertops. This material is available in a variety of roughly 3,000 different options. Looking at the downside of granite countertops, being fairly porous and perhaps needing to be sealed with time, and small imperfections in a given slab are two minor negatives of granite.


Marble is a classic countertop material and is another homeowners’ favorite. One of the biggest advantages of granite is its aesthetic appeal, with stunning white hues and one-of-a-kind veining in the slabs. Granite is also resistant to heat and is waterproof. However, disadvantages of marble include being prone to scratches and stains, and also being porous. There is also a cost factor to consider since marble is expensive in general.


Common in exterior spaces, limestone countertops can also be used for interior applications too. Limestone is known for its heat-resistant feature, but it’s prone to scratches and is highly porous, requiring regular sealing. It’s an affordable countertop compared to other natural stone options and can be found at a variety of price points.


Quartzite is a natural stone that is favored for its durability, hardness, and low maintenance. While it’s heat-resistant to a high degree, you should take care to protect it from direct heat. It can be cleaned with just soap and water, but it’s best to seal it for added protection and to preserve it. Quartzite colors are limited with grey hues and off-white being the primary options.


Quartz is a manmade material, but it’s non-porous, stains easily, and is scratch-resistant. It’s a low-maintenance option that’s easy to clean and it requires no sealing. This engineered product is available in a large variety of brands, designs, as well as colors and veining patterns that consists from slab to slab. Quartz is susceptible to heat and impact so it’s not the ideal option for outdoor spaces or use in a fireplace. Installation may be tedious because of the weight of the material, and the right structural support is needed. Quartz material may be expensive. 


Concrete countertops can make it possible to have an entirely seamless kitchen if it’s poured in place. Concrete countertops can be made to be textured, shaped to your liking, and colored as you desire. It’s heat-resistant, but concrete countertops require proper sealing to make them resistant to stains and scratches. It could crack with time. Poured-in-place concrete countertops could prove to be a costly option.


Other Countertop Options Include:

  • Butcher Block (wood countertop): Large selection of wood types and varies in hardness, graining, and coloration/hues. 
  • Tile: Available in ceramic or porcelain options is known to be durable, cleans easily, and less expensive compared to other countertop materials. However, highly customized or hand-crafted tiles tend to be on the expensive side.
  • Stainless Steel: Heat resistant and easy to clean, but is prone to scratching and can be noisy with daily use.


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