Why Choose an Energy Efficient Home?

Energy is one of the highest cost factors of homeownership over time. In the northeast, especially, energy costs can grow year to year. With modern home building, you can create the home of your dreams with much more efficiency than you may expect. Many factors go into play like high-quality insulation, efficient windows, zero leaks, and insulated plumbing and electrical. Efficient appliances and lighting also have an impact. But does this increased efficiency have tangible benefits for you?

Efficiency Saves Money

You can save hundreds up to thousands of dollars a year on your energy bills with an energy-efficient home. If you’re not in the market for an entirely new home, you can make small incremental changes to improve your home’s efficiency. Energy star lightbulbs, smart thermostats, and weatherproofing windows are affordable ways to make big strides in reducing your personal carbon footprint. Because of that, many local and state governments offer tax rebates and incentives for homeowners making changes towards more efficient options. These incentives often take to offset the initial cost of the project and help you start saving immediately. Do your research about rebates and efficiency qualifications that you can reach to decrease your output. There are likely many options available in your area. 

Efficient Homes are More Comfortable

In New England, we can have some extremely harsh winters and some very warm summers as well. You need to be comfortable in all seasons. Quality ventilation throughout your home is crucial to maintaining good air quality and fresh air. Efficient heating and cooling systems have a big impact on the efficiency of your home overall. The materials that your home is built can accentuate the benefits of quality heating and cooling systems even more. Systems like radiant heating are more efficient and more comfortable with heat being better dispersed compared to radiators near the floor. An efficient home will keep you healthier with cleaner air that is easier to breathe.

High Resale Value

Everyone is looking to be more energy-efficient, and more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious. This has lead to efficient homes becoming more valuable. Efficiency is one of the biggest factors that home buyers take into account when it’s time to buy. Energy star appliances are often a key feature that buyers consider during an initial walkthrough.

You’re Helping the Earth

We can all make positive changes to impact the earth and take steps to reduce our own impact. An efficient home uses less valuable energy. When energy is produced, carbon is released as a by-product into the atmosphere, where it causes damage. This is one of the key reasons that communities incentivize its residents to adopt more environmentally-conscious practices. 

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